OKR advanced seminar for managers – Take leadership to the next level with OKR and expand effective leadership skills

Learn and experience in the 2-day seminar how OKR supports you on your way from management to leadership and offers you clear action strategies for effective leadership.

You will put what you have learned directly into practice in numerous practical exercises and experience the philosophy behind OKR and the new leadership associated with it.

Including review after approx. three months.

Further training formats: OKR seminar for users (1 day), OKR coach/master seminar with certification (3 days), OKR master class (1 day) and OKR seminar for SAFe professionals (2 days).

The next OKR seminar dates
with our top experts and trainers

20-21.06.2024 – Berlin

max. 12 participants
Many practical exercises and group work

14-15.11.2024 – Berlin

max. 12 participants
Many practical exercises and group work

Also as an in-house seminar

on request

We also conduct the seminar in-house – in presence, remotely via live video or hybrid – German and English: Enquire now

We have already successfully trained the following companies in OKR

OKR Company References

OKR Company References

and various SMEs in German-speaking countries

What participants say about our OKR training courses

Pure practical relevance from the OKR experts – with lots of practical exercises and group work

The seminar places particular emphasis on experiencing the benefits of practical OKR application and its influence on the impact of one’s own leadership behavior – because this can only be learned through application.

You will learn intensively how to accompany the OKR process as a manager – from its introduction to its routine application. You will learn and deepen the skills and decision-making criteria that you need in your management role in order to fully exploit the potential of OKR. The seminar is a combination of in-depth OKR training and targeted management training.

You will put what you have learned directly into practice in numerous practical exercises and experience the philosophy behind OKR and the new leadership associated with it.

Using case studies and decision scenarios, you will practice effective leadership behavior together in small groups with the help of OKR. You will go through an entire OKR cycle with all meetings and receive numerous tips, tricks and tools on how you can successfully apply the OKR method as a manager in your corporate context.

This is supplemented by the teaching of proven leadership models, (motivational) psychological backgrounds and the practical learning of empirically proven core leadership skills.

Who is the OKR seminar aimed at?

The seminar is aimed at anyone who …

  • Managers in organizations that are introducing OKR, have already implemented it or are considering doing so,
  • Decision-makers who want to evaluate whether OKR is suitable for their organization,
  • OKR Coaches / Masters who accompany managers and management teams.

Our practical experience in the introduction of OKR in numerous companies makes the OKR seminar really special

Our seminar leaders are …

  • No “traditional” trainers and no “theorists”
  • but real experts with practical experience
  • Experts who have assisted numerous companies with the introduction of OKR
  • fit in imparting knowledge and active as external university lecturers, among other things
  • Author of two OKR books from renowned publishers
  • Former C-level executives and startup founders or entrepreneurs

You benefit from this as a seminar participant.

The OKR Seminar is a hands-on workshop!

OKR Leadership Seminar

We have put together an exciting seminar program for you

The seminar – a real hands-on workshop – focuses on practical exercises. The proportion of theory is kept as low as possible. The aim is to experience the OKR method as a leadership tool and to internalize the philosophy behind OKR and the new leadership associated with it. We also address the individual situations and questions of the seminar participants and their companies.


  • Small group with max. 12 participants

Day 1: Successfully navigating OKR processes as a manager:

You will learn about your role as a manager in the OKR process, the benefits of OKR for you as a manager and the specific OKR skills you need in your day-to-day management work.

Welcome and expectation

  • Welcome by the seminar leader(s)
  • Short introduction of the seminar leader(s)
  • Brief introduction of the participants and their expectations

Shaping cultural change as a manager

  • Reflection on your own understanding and behavior as a leader and any discrepancies
  • From the pyramid to the network & the importance for managers
  • OKR as a low-threshold start to cultural change
  • Fundamentals of motivational psychology
  • Psychological safety and how to create it

Why OKR as a manager?

  • Different leadership styles and their empirical evidence
  • Strong leadership: skills or personality?
  • The “outside-in” principle
  • OKR as an aid: from manager to leader
  • Increasing flexibility of action through ambidextrous leadership

The leadership role in the OKR process

  • The leadership role in the OKR planning phase – the top-down and bottom-up approach and horizontal coordination
  • Accompanying the OKR execution phase – the Daily Huddle and the OKR Check-In or OKR Weekly Meeting
  • The leadership role in the final OKR phase: the OKR review meeting and the retrospective
  • Dealing with internal OKR coaches/masters

Building leadership skills with OKR

  • Practicing decision-making scenarios: When hands-in hands-out as a manager?
  • Group exercise: OKR assessment and decision rules for OKR approval

Comprehensive seminar materials, practical templates and our bestselling book:

Seminar participants receive detailed seminar documents and practical templates.

You will also receive the book “30 Minuten OKR – Objectives & Key Results”, published by GABAL Verlag (normal price € 10.90), and our OKR poster (DIN A1, normal price € 12.60) free of charge.

The seminar leader is the author of this compact guide and bestseller.

30 minutes OKR

Day 2: Deep dive into the OKR leadership role and key leadership skills:

Using practical examples and application-based exercises, you will learn how to behave professionally as a manager in the OKR process and in everyday business life

Welcome and warm-up

  • Welcome by the seminar leader(s)
  • Review of day 1
  • Answering open questions about day 1
  • Warm-up

Do's & Don't for managers in the OKR process

  • How progress is tracked with OKR and micromanagement is prevented
  • Adaptations and learning from mistakes
  • The pitfalls of individual OKR sets
  • Dealing with bonuses
  • Understanding agile decision-making and the agile maturity level
  • Agile self-management

OKR best practices, challenges and solutions

  • OKR best practices: Success factors for effective OKR use
  • Case studies and practical examples for effective management practice
  • Dealing with common challenges in the context of OKR
  • Solutions and recommendations
  • Practicing OKR in practice: case studies for agile decision-making

Effective communication & synergies in the agile age

  • Effective communication: improving communication skills
  • Integration of the OKR language
  • Conflict management: dealing with conflicts and obstacles in teams
  • Empathy and relationship management
  • OKR to promote teamwork and cohesion

Apply OKR in your own context

  • Practicing OKR application in difficult management situations
  • Typical difficulties during initial implementation
  • Strategies for successful change management
  • Dealing with resistance to change

Confirmation of participation:

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Bonus session: Follow-up individual coaching for individual challenges

After the seminar-workshop you will receive 30 minutes of individual counseling/coaching free of charge.

Seminar leaders – real OKR experts and bestselling authors:

Best Seller

On the one hand, the seminar leader is the author of the compact guidebook and bestseller“30 Minuten OKR – Objectives & Key Results”, published by GABAL Verlag.

30 minutes OKR

Seminar leader – author of one of the most comprehensive works on OKR:

The seminar leader is also the author of the comprehensive book“Mehr Fokus, Motivation und Erfolg mit OKR: Grundlagen und Best Practices“, published by Wiley-VCH Verlag.

OKR Seminar Book

After the OKR seminar you will be able to …

  • … use OKR as a management tool to implement your company’s vision and strategy in an agile manner.
  • … as a manager to apply a modern target management method that is ideally suited to today’s VUCA world.
  • to increase the motivation and commitment of your teams through clear focus, coordination and commitment.
  • routinely go through the entire OKR cycle and support all meetings as a manager.

Requirements for participation

The management OKR seminar is for managers or decision-makers who have basic OKR knowledge.

If you have little or no basic OKR knowledge, we recommend attending our video training(OKR basic course), reading our book “OKR in 30 minutes” or attending our 1-day OKR seminar.

We will be happy to give you free access to our video training (OKR basic course) before the seminar as part of your seminar booking or send you our book “OKR in 30 minutes” by post.

Of course, the seminar is about learning and understanding the OKR method. However, it is much more important to internalize the philosophy behind OKR. And this can only be achieved by experiencing the method and applying it in practice. This is precisely the concept and aim of our OKR seminars.

Seminar dates

For companies:

Payment by invoice or request a quote:

Invoice or quote request

In-house, German or English

OKR seminar for managers

Duration: 2 days, 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each
Location: On site, live video or hybrid


Berlin, Deutsch

OKR-Seminar für Führungskräfte – Berlin

Effektive Führungskompetenzen erweitern mit OKR. Erlernen und erleben Sie, wie OKR Sie auf dem Weg vom Management zum Leadership unterstützt und Ihnen präzise Handlungsstrategien für effektive Führung bietet. Vorkenntnisse in OKR erforderlich.

Dauer: 2 Tage, je 9:30 bis 17:30 Uhr
Ort: Design Offices Berlin Am Zoo, Budapester Str. 35, 10787 Berlin
Trainer: Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel und Laura Huber
Services: inkl. Kaffee, Tee, Wasser, Snacks und Mittagessen

1.990,00 €*

*zzgl. 19% USt. (2.368,10 € inkl. 19% USt.)

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There are many good reasons for the OKR experts’ seminars

Genuine practical relevance

Our seminar leaders have led a large number of OKR implementation projects themselves, led/accompanied numerous OKR meetings – and have years of experience in change management, agile team transformation, introduction of mission statements and much more. – and as an entrepreneur, start-up founder and C-level executive.

Hands-on seminar

Participation is required in our seminars – not only when learning the method, but also in a variety of group work.

Helpful documents

You will receive detailed seminar documents, practical templates and a free copy of our bestseller“30 Minuten OKR – Objectives & Key Results“, published by GABAL Verlag (normal price € 10.90), as well as our OKR poster (DIN A1, normal price € 12.60).

Professionals in knowledge transfer

Our seminar leaders have a didactic background and work as external university lecturers in adult further education.

Support after the seminar

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have after the seminar – also for coaching and advice.

OKR-Expert:innen Network

Take advantage of our OKR expert network.

Questions? We are happy to help you

Give us a call – or arrange a free consultation. We will be happy to help you!

Your trainers for this seminar

Real experts with practical experience,
Consultant and entrepreneur

The seminar is jointly led by two experienced OKR experts

Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel

Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel

Visionary, thought leader and recognized expert in the fields of digitalization, strategy, digital transformation and innovation.

Silicon Valley expert, multiple C-level executive, e.g. at ProSiebenSat.1, multiple startup founder, management consultant, international keynote speaker, author and university lecturer. He is the founder, managing director and managing partner of DigitalWinners.

Laura Huber

Laura Huber

M. Sc. Psychologist and cognitive behavioral therapist (i.A.), systemic coach and process facilitator (DCV-certified training), certified OKR consultant and trainer as well as agile consultant. As a recognized coach and consultant, she has years of experience as a catalyst for leaders who want to improve their performance and that of their team and make a difference in their lives and in the organizations they serve. Her approach emphasizes systemic thinking and evidence-based practices based on the latest findings in neuroscience, psychology and coaching.

We look forward to your visit to the OKR seminar and hope you enjoy immersing yourself in the world of OKR.

OKR seminars – held by experts with practical experience

Not every trainer is really an expert. Our trainers are not “traditional” trainers, but real experts with practical experience who were – and in some cases still are – entrepreneurs, C-level executives or startup founders. As a seminar participant, you will benefit from this extensive practical experience.