1-day SAFe OKR seminar – OKR seminar for SAFe professionalslearn how to successfully integrate OKR into SAFe® in just one day

Learn how to successfully integrate OKR into SAFe® and how OKR takes SAFe to the next level. Prior knowledge of SAFe required – No prior OKR knowledge required.

Further training formats: OKR seminar for users (1 day), OKR coach/master seminar with certification (3 days), OKR advanced seminar for managers (2 days) and OKR master class (1 day).

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29.11.2024 – Live-Online

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In-house training

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We also conduct the seminar in-house – in presence, remotely via live video or hybrid – German and English: Enquire now

We have already successfully trained the following companies in OKR

OKR Company References

OKR Company References

and various SMEs in German-speaking countries

OKR in the context of SAFe with practical relevance of OKR experts who are also SAFe experts (certified SAFe Practice Consultants)

You are already using SAFe in your company and want to find out whether and how the introduction of OKR can benefit your company, how OKR can be optimally introduced, integrated and applied in combination with SAFe – or how OKR can support the SAFe core value “Alignment” across all levels without method breaks. Then this seminar is just right for you.

Even if you already use OKR in your company alongside SAFe and want to learn how OKR can be optimally combined with SAFe or how OKR and SAFe can be optimized – this seminar is the right place for you.

Learn in just one day how to successfully integrate OKR into SAFe and receive numerous tips, tricks and tools on how to successfully use the OKR method in the context of SAFe. You will also learn the basics of OKR.

The seminar places particular emphasis on practical relevance – you benefit from the numerous OKR introductions by our OKR experts, including in the SAFe context, and the practical experience they have gained.

Who is the SAFe OKR seminar aimed at?

The seminar is aimed at anyone who …

  • integrate the OKR into SAFe,
  • deal with the application of OKR in SAFeintensiver,
  • want to introduce OKR in the company that uses SAFe.

Our practical experience in the introduction of OKR in numerous companies makes the OKR seminar really special

Our seminar leaders are …

  • No “traditional” trainers and no “theorists”
  • but real experts with practical experience
  • OKR experts who have supported numerous companies with the introduction of OKR
  • SAFe experts – certified SAFe Practice Consultants who have supported numerous companies in the introduction of SAFe
  • fit in imparting knowledge and active as external university lecturers, among other things
  • Authors of two OKR books from renowned publishers
  • Former C-level executives and startup founders or entrepreneurs

You benefit from this as a seminar participant.

OKR Seminar

We have put together an exciting seminar program for you

In the seminar – the focus is on practical relevance. The theoretical part is kept as clear as possible. The aim is also to understand the benefits of adding OKR to SAFe and to illustrate this with practical examples.


  • Welcome by the seminar leader
  • Introduction of the seminar leader
  • Brief introduction of the participants

OKR Basics

  • Introduction to OKR: What is OKR? Origin, basic principles, application, advantages and benefits of OKR
  • OKR in detail: Objectives, transparency and feedback in OKR

OKR and Agile – OKR and SAFe

  • How OKR interacts with the Agile methods Scrum and Kanban and how it can be integrated into Scrum and Kanban
  • OKR and SAFe in the current version 6.0 as well as in the previous versions. How OKR can be integrated into SAFe; potential challenges when combining OKR and SAFe

The benefits of OKR in SAFe

  • Why combine OKR and SAFe? Synergy between OKR and SAFe and the advantages of this combination
  • Advantages and benefits of combining OKR and SAFe: Explanation of the added value that the combination of OKR and SAFe brings to the organization, the team and specific roles and artefacts

SAFe specifications vs. practice – integration of OKR in SAFe

  • SAFe specifications vs. practice: The gap between the theoretical specifications of SAFe and the actual implementation in practice. OKR in SAFe without method break (the OKR experts alternative) – PI Objectives vs.
  • Integration of OKR in SAFe: Management of roles and meetings. Possible overhead due to the introduction of OKR in SAFe and avoidance. Integration of OKR into the existing SAFe rituals.

Introduction of OKR in SAFe

  • Implementing OKR in SAFe: Steps to implement OKR in SAFe, including best practices and potential challenges
  • OKR transformation in a SAFe context: Duration, challenges and phases of an OKR transformation in a SAFe context

Case studies, exercises, questions and answers

  • Case studies and exercises: Case studies and exercises to illustrate the integration of OKR and SAFe in practice
  • Final discussion and Q&A Opportunity for participants to ask questions and discuss what they have learned


  • Small group with max. 24 participants

Comprehensive seminar documents and practical templates:

Seminar participants receive detailed seminar documents and practical templates.

Confirmation of participation:

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Seminar leaders – real OKR experts and bestselling authors:

The seminar leader is the author of various books from renowned publishers.

Best Seller

On the one hand, the seminar leader is the author of the compact guidebook and bestseller“30 Minuten OKR – Objectives & Key Results”, published by GABAL Verlag.

30 minutes OKR

Seminar leader – author of one of the most comprehensive works on OKR:

The seminar leader is also the author of the comprehensive book“Mehr Fokus, Motivation und Erfolg mit OKR: Grundlagen und Best Practices“, published by Wiley-VCH Verlag.

OKR Seminar Book

After the SAFe OKR seminar you will be able to …

  • … to decide whether the introduction of OKR in your SAFe environment makes sense and whether it can bring benefits.
  • … how to best implement OKR in your SAFe environment.
  • … how you can get even more out of OKR in the SAFe environment with our best practices.

Requirements for participation

The SAFe OKR seminar is for SAFe experts and decision-makers with SAFe experience, or at least basic SAFe knowledge. For example, you are very familiar with terms such as ART and PI Planning.

If you have little basic SAFe knowledge or do not know the latest SAFe framework (currently 6.0), we offer a 90-minute remote training via live video (Microsoft Teams) before the seminar – booking via the same booking page as the seminar.

If you would like to acquire a basic knowledge of OKR in advance, you can read the book “OKR in 30 minutes” or attend our OKR video course – however, this is not a prerequisite for participation.

Seminar dates

For companies:

Payment by invoice or request a quote:

Invoice or quote request

In-house, German or English

SAFe OKR – 1-day seminar – In-house

Duration: 1 day, 9:30 to 17:30
Location: On site, live video or hybrid


Live-Online, Deutsch

OKR Seminar für SAFe-Profis – 1 Tages OKR Seminar – Live-Online

An nur einem Tag lernen, wie OKR erfolgreich in SAFe® integriert wird

Dauer: 1 Tag, 9:30 bis 17:30 Uhr – 1 Std. Mittagspause
Trainer: Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel und André Ullmann bzw. Andreas Becker

690,00 €*

*zzgl. 19% USt. (821,10 € inkl. 19% USt.)

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Live-Online, Deutsch

OKR Seminar für SAFe-Profis – 1 Tages OKR Seminar – Live-Online

An nur einem Tag lernen, wie OKR erfolgreich in SAFe® integriert wird

Dauer: 1 Tag, 9:30 bis 17:30 Uhr – 1 Std. Mittagspause
Trainer: Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel und André Ullmann bzw. Andreas Becker

690,00 €*

*zzgl. 19% USt. (821,10 € inkl. 19% USt.)

Jetzt buchen

What participants say about our OKR training courses

There are many good reasons for the OKR experts’ seminars

Genuine practical relevance

Our seminar leaders have led a large number of OKR implementation projects themselves, led/accompanied numerous OKR meetings – and have years of experience in change management, agile team transformation, introduction of mission statements and much more. – and as an entrepreneur, start-up founder and C-level executive.

Helpful documents

You will receive detailed seminar documents and practical templates.

Professionals in knowledge transfer

Our seminar leaders have a didactic background and work as external university lecturers in adult further education.

Support after the seminar

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have after the seminar – also for coaching and advice.

Questions? We are happy to help you

Give us a call – or arrange a free consultation. We will be happy to help you!

Your trainers for this seminar

Real experts with practical experience,
Consultant and entrepreneur

Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel

Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel

Visionary, thought leader and recognized expert in the fields of digitalization, strategy, digital transformation and innovation.

Silicon Valley expert, multiple C-level executive, e.g. at ProSiebenSat.1, multiple startup founder, management consultant, international keynote speaker, author and university lecturer. He is the founder, managing director and managing partner of DigitalWinners.

SAFe SPC André Ullmann

André Ullmann

Expert in agile software development – Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Coach in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as in large companies. He has extensive experience with various concepts and methods, including Kaizen, LeSS, SAFe, DevOps, BDD, TDD, CI and CD – as well as OKR.

André Ullmann is a certified SAFe® Practice Consultant (SPC).

SAFe SPC Andreas Becker

Andreas Becker

Experienced speaker, sparring partner and trainer on Flight Levels, OKR and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

Andreas Becker is a certified SAFe® Practice Consultant (SPC).

We look forward to your visit to the OKR seminar and hope you enjoy immersing yourself in the world of OKR.

OKR seminars – held by experts with practical experience

Not every trainer is really an expert. Our trainers are not “traditional” trainers, but real experts with practical experience who were – and in some cases still are – entrepreneurs, C-level executives or startup founders. As a seminar participant, you will benefit from this extensive practical experience.

How SAFe 6.0 proposes the integration of OKR – and optimally complements OKR SAFe

How SAFe incorporates OKR: the following is a brief description of how SAFe proposes to integrate the OKR method into the SAFe framework in the current version 6.0:

Translation of the strategy: The strategic themes are translated into corporate, organizational or top-level OKR sets and broken down into an OKR cycle (typically one quarter). By creating and communicating the OKR sets, the strategic topics are made understandable or more comprehensible for all levels and it is ensured that they are implemented through clear, results-oriented objectives.

Alignment of the portfolio with the top-level OKR objectives: the SAFe portfolio backlog is prioritized based on the top-level OKR objectives. They also support SAFe portfolio management in selecting the relevant epics.

Alignment of the solutions: the definition of MVPs for the solution backlog and their prioritization is supported by OKR targets – the OKR targets also serve to measure the success of the solutions and to measure progress.

Support for the Agile Release Train or Agile Release Trains (ARTs): the OKR objectives offer the ARTs support and guidance in defining their PI objectives – also bottom-up.

Conclusion: The combination of OKR and SAFe, i.e. the integration of OKR into the SAFe framework, creates a clear link to the strategy, to the strategic topics and thus to the overarching corporate goals. This promotes greater alignment and orientation of work and products to the company’s strategic priorities – sett focuses more strongly on business value – and supports continuous improvement and thus the company’s success.

Value Stream KPIs – from strategic themes and OKR targets to epics, business outcome and alignment

Value Stream KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are quantifiable measures used to evaluate the performance of a value stream against its business objectives.

Development Value Stream KPIs help to close the feedback loop – from the strategic themes through the lean budgeting process, to the epics i.e. the portfolio initiatives defined in the portfolio Kanban – to the business outcomes created by portfolio investments in the Development Value Stream.

Each portfolio has numerous strategic themes that link the company’s strategy with the portfolio vision. They reflect the intended business results of the strategy, investments and portfolio vision. The objectives of the strategic topics are made much easier to understand with OKR, especially with the objectives, and are provided with clear, measurable key results through the key results. The general business intention of the portfolio is represented by the entirety of the OKR sets. The value stream KPIs can be key results of the OKR sets, or indicators that are related to the key results or other accompanying key performance indicators (KPIs).

Both agile frameworks – the SAFe framework and the OKR framework or OKR process – realize the agile principles in perfect co-existence.