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OKR lecture: Keynote or impulse lecture

An OKR presentation as inspiration & motivation for Objectives and Key Results

We support your management or team events, all-hands, meetings or conferences with an OKR presentation – on site or via video stream.

In presence, via live streaming or hybrid

Our keynote speakers inspire, motivate and inspire in their presentations with practical impulses for the introduction and application of OKR in companies.


has been a visionary, thought leader and recognized expert in the areas of digitalization, strategy, OKR, digital transformation and innovation for more than two decades.

During his time working in Silicon Valley, he experienced a digital mindset, learned new methods and approaches and successfully introduced these to European companies.

With his interdisciplinary expertise in business, team organization, leadership, product and technology, he has changed the way companies think and act from the role of C-level executive, multiple start-up founder and consultant. His clients include well-known medium-sized companies as well as international corporations.

He is an international keynote speaker, management consultant, university lecturer and author. ERNO MARIUS OBOGEANU-HEMPEL inspires, motivates and inspires in his lectures with practical impulses for the digital transformation of companies.

OKR lecture

OKR Keynote lecture

Also via video streaming or hybrid

We are also happy to hold the OKR lecture via video streaming – from our own studio or from a studio of your choice – or hybrid: in presence with parallel video streaming

Our studio is equipped with high-quality 4k cameras, an HDMI mixing console(ATEM Mini Pro from Blackmagic Design), Rode microphones, a wide green screen and professional lighting – with picture-in-picture technology to display the presentation slides in the background together with the speaker.

OKR Keynote lecture

Format: Keynote, keynote speech, workshop, fireside chat, discussion – on site or via video streaming

Occasions: company, team or customer events, meetings, management meetings, conferences, congresses and trade fairs, workshops and training sessions, theme week

Languages: German, English

Duration: depending on format 20 minutes, 45 minutes – up to 1.5 hours

Annual planning workshop

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OKR lecture

We are the OKR experts and turn you into OKR experts.

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