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OKR Training – Knowledge & Practice – Learning and experiencing the OKR method

Explore our wide range of OKR training courses: tailored to your success and the success of your managers and employees. Choose between face-to-face and live video seminars, between open seminars and in-house training courses, with lots of practical exercises and a certification option. Learn at your own pace with our video courses and textbooks – when and where you want, at your own pace and with the option of certification. Use the method that has helped top companies such as Google and LinkedIn to achieve success!

Our OKR training offer: Diverse formats for your practical OKR training, OKR education and OKR further training – OKR seminar offers to video courses and books

  • OKR seminars – OKR training in presence/live video: open training courses & in-house
  • OKR video courses – OKR training for immediate booking or for companies with LMS access or recording
  • OKR Coach/Master Certification – 2 Levels
  • OKR books – self-taught OKR training: Sound OKR knowledge at first hand: Our author books

OKR Training

Managers and employees of the following companies
we have already successfully trained in OKR

OKR Company References

OKR Company References

and various SMEs in German-speaking countries and Europe

Our innovative OKR training offers – didactically well thought-out and with a lot of practical knowledge for immediate application

OKR seminars – in presence/live video:
Open training courses & in-house

Benefit from our innovative seminars: didactically well thought-out, interactively designed and practice-oriented with group exercises for maximum and lasting learning success.

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OKR video courses – for immediate booking or
for companies with LMS access or import

Experience flexible and didactically well thought-out education – learn when and where you want, at your own pace for effective and sustainable training.

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OKR Coach/Master Certification

Secure an official and recognized qualification with our ‘OKR Coach/Master’ certifications. Improve your career opportunities and prove your comprehensive OKR knowledge – and help organizations and teams to achieve top performance. You can book the ‘OKR Coach/Master’ exam as a video call, the ‘OKR Coach/Master Advanced’ exam is taken as part of our OKR Coach/Master seminar.

More information on certification

OKR books – Sound OKR knowledge
At first hand: Our author books

Acquire your OKR knowledge with the bestseller “OKR in 30 minutes” (GABAL-Verlag): Expert knowledge in compact form – ideal for independent learning or as a perfect supplement to our OKR seminars and video courses. The more comprehensive work “More focus, motivation and success with OKR” (Wiley VCH Verlag) – perfect for in-depth study of the subject matter. Both books were written by our experienced seminar leader, Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel.

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Which OKR training suits you best? Which seminar or video course?

With just 3 clicks you can find the right OKR training or workshop format: from 1 to 3-day seminars, video courses, introductory and optimization workshops, through to books.

Find the right format now

OKR Training Assistant

OKR Training Assistant

OKR seminars – in presence/live video:
Open training courses & in-house

Benefit from the practical experience of our OKR trainers, who hold the following seminars as open seminars – as well as in-house training courses in German and English.

  • OKR Coach/Master Seminar with certification – become a certified OKR Coach/Master in 3 days
  • OKR seminar for users & decision-makers – learn and experience OKR in just one day
  • OKR seminar for managers – expand effective leadership skills over 2 days
  • OKR seminar for SAFe professionals – learn how to successfully integrate OKR into SAFe® in just one day
  • OKR Masterclass for OKR Coaches/Masters – take OKR knowledge to the next level in one day
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OKR Training Seminar

OKR video course –
for employees, managers and freelancers

Learn the OKR method quickly and easily – with confirmation of participation.

  • for users, decision-makers or future OKR coaches / masters
  • Basic course and advanced course
  • optionally in German or English
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OKR Training video course

You want the video course for your company LMS or access to our LMS to manage your licenses: Request now

OKR Certification –
to OKR Coach / Master

Complete OKR training and become a certified OKR Coach / Master.

  • Certification in the context of seminars
  • and individual certification
  • optionally in German or English
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OKR Coach / Master

OKR Books –
the autodidactic OKR training

Enter the world of OKR or deepen your knowledge with a book or e-book

We are authors of the books: “30 Minuten OKR – Objectives & Key Results” and “Mehr Fokus, Motivation und Erfolg mit OKR: Grundlagen und Best Practices”.

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Which seminar is best for me or my company? What do the in-house training courses look like?

You are an Agile Coach or Scrum Master or Scrum PO – then OKR is the perfect complement for you – complete our OKR training course

OKR is an excellent addition for all Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and Product Owners who are looking for effective tools for goal setting – including the prioritization of backlogs and impediments. As a framework for strategy implementation, OKR aims to set corporate goals and make progress and results measurable and transparent. It promotes team-based performance by allowing clear and measurable goals to be set that are aligned with the corporate strategy. This methodological synergy between OKR and agility can help to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of your team. As an Agile Coach, Scrum Master or Product Owner, the integration of OKR into your agile work processes enables you to promote a culture of transparency, adaptability and continuous improvement. This not only makes work more effective, but also increases the satisfaction and motivation of your team.

Do you have scrum.org or Scrum Alliance Certifications? Then become a certified OKR Coach or Master

If you are already a Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner or Agile Coach certified by scrum.org or Scrum Alliance, then we invite you to broaden your horizons and become certified as an OKR Coach or Master. The structured and intensive 3-day seminar offers you the opportunity to do this. As a certified OKR Coach or Master, you can support your agile teams to better define their goals, optimize their performance and improve their overall effectiveness. Take the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills and register today for the 3-day OKR seminar. It’s time to take your agile journey to the next level.

OKR Training, education and further training

Our experience from numerous OKR implementation projects has shown that If all employees have the same level of knowledge when the OKR method is introduced, this significantly increases the acceptance of OKR in the company. Online training plays an important role here, because in-house seminars can always be different, even if the content planned by the trainer is always the same. Online training ensures that all employees have the same level of knowledge. The quiz questions at the end of each lesson help to reinforce what has been learned and for self-assessment of learning progress.

In-house seminars are useful for the targeted training of OKR Coaches, Masters and OKR Process Owners – including the OKR Masterclass.

are ideal for getting started – especially compact books, such as our book “30 Minuten OKR” (Gabal-Verlag).

But books are also fantastic for consolidating previous knowledge. Our book “Mehr Fokus, Motivation und Erfolg mit OKR: Grundlagen und Best Practices” (Wiley-VCH Verlag) will help you with this, especially with the help of the Best Practices section: how can Management by Objectives MbO harmonize with OKR or replace OKR MbO? How does the “top down” and “bottom up” approach work, how are optimal objectives set and how do key results make OKR measurable? What is the optimal OKR cycle duration? How are OKR meetings conducted? OKR Planning, OKR Review, weekly OKR Meetings and much more.

Learn the practice of developing and setting concrete goals – for better collaboration

Discover inspiring ways in which you can use agile methods, specifically through the use of OKR, to support the development, planning and definition of concrete goals in order to strengthen collaboration and communication in your departments, teams and employees – or a group of employees working together in a project team. Get to know the complete OKR process.

Select your desired seminars, dates and location or remote live video – or the video course option

Choose your desired seminar from our wide range of offers, look for a suitable date (we always publish our seminar program for the next upcoming half-year or year) or decide on a location or the use of our remote live video option. Or choose the video course option which you can book immediately at any time – at the touch of a button.

Content for every target group: managers, decision-makers, employees – from OKR for users to OKR Coach/Master training to the Masterclass

Our content is tailor-made for each target group – from managers to decision-makers to employees – all people in an organization or company with different requirements.

Compact knowledge of the OKR method: acquire in a few hours – In-depth knowledge in the seminars in a few days: 1 to 3 days

Acquire compact knowledge in just a few hours or use the in-depth training in our seminars, from 1 to 3 days.

The journey is the reward when learning new methods – start with a seminar or video training – deepen through application and practice in your work through coaching

The path to understanding and mastering new methods begins with one of our seminars or video training sessions and leads step by step to greater depth through application, use and practice – including dealing with difficulties. In our seminars and video training courses, you will receive the knowledge and experience gained over many years by our consultants, coaches and trainers in a compact form. Mindset and values, for example, are also taught and play a decisive role.

Interactive seminars – in presence with posters, remote with Miro Boards

Our innovative OKR training offers are didactically well thought out – we work in groups on practical exercises with posters and post-its or Miro Boards – for immediate application of what has been learned.

Invented by Andy Grove: Setting new goals – brought to Google by John Doerr and now significantly further developed

OKR – once developed by Andy Grove, CEO Intel, then brought to Google as an investment manager by his former employee, who moved to VC Kleiner Perkins at the time. In the meantime, we, the OKR experts, have developed it considerably. You benefit from this further development in our seminars and training courses.

Confirmation of participation or certificate

We issue a certificate of attendance to all seminar participants. For seminars with certification or examination, a certificate or an English-language certificate for international verification.

Seminar fees / costs

The seminar fees are specific to the seminar. Face-to-face seminars are somewhat more expensive than remote live video seminars due to the room and expenses.

In-house seminars for organizations or companies – on request

From a certain number of participants from an organization or company, it makes sense to hold an in-house seminar instead of attending an open seminar – not least in order to be able to make organization- or company-specific adjustments to the content and create a confidential setting. Please use our form to request an in-house seminar.

Questions and answers

What is OKR Training?

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is an agile strategy implementation and goal-setting method. In an OKR training course, you will learn about the OKR method and the OKR framework – from background and history to benefits and application. You will learn how to set, measure and track OKR targets in order to learn for the next OKR cycle.

What does an OKR Coach do?

The OKR Coach (or OKR Master, OKR Champion) supports an organization in the introduction and application of the OKR method. He/she supports teams from management level to team level in the creation of optimal OKR targets and in the implementation of meetings such as the Weekly Check-In, OKR Review and especially the Retrospective.

OKR – for more focus, alignment, commitment, motivation, transparency and success

OKR implements the mission statement, vision and mission – as well as the strategy of an organization. OKR helps to bring more focus to the entire organization, to ensure the alignment and coordination of the entire organization from management to team level, to demand and accept commitment, to create and use transparency – always keeping an eye on the result, the impact, the value contribution – and, in addition, to take ambitious and creative paths to become even more successful.