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OKR Cheat Sheet + OKR Checklist: Never forget anything again

The OKR method is simple, but not easy. Beginners, and even professionals, find it difficult to think of all the points and pay attention to all the details when running through an OKR cycle. This is exactly why we have created an OKR Cheat Sheet with OKR Checklist so that you never forget anything again.

The OKR Cheat Sheet will help you to master the creation of OKRs, the OKR cycle, OKR meetings, the OKR score and OKR stumbling blocks with ease. The checklist serves as a cheat sheet when creating OKR sets. What makes a good objective – what makes a good key result? The OKR Cheat Sheet with OKR Checklist tells you which mistakes to avoid and what to look out for when creating objectives and key results.

Cheat sheets, checklists and more – free to download:

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OKR Cheat Sheet: The contents

The OKR Cheat Sheet helps you to keep an eye on the big picture of OKR. You will also receive a checklist that is purely intended to help you create OKR sets (i.e. the objectives and key results). Contents of the OKR Cheat Sheet are:

OKR Cheat Sheet

The OKR basics

The cheat sheet contains the OKR basics, such as the OKR set, what characterizes an objective and what characterizes a key result – in addition, the OKR cheat sheet is supplemented with clues as to how you need to change your thinking so that OKR delivers the expected results.

The OKR cycle

The OKR cycle gives OKR a rhythm and ritualization. The OKR Cheat Sheet contains everything you need to know about the cycle.

The OKR meetings

To ensure that you and your team never forget an OKR meeting again, we have added an overview of all meetings, their purpose, length and frequency to the cheat sheet.

  • OKR Planning
  • Daily Huddle
  • OKR Weekly
  • OKR Review
  • OKR Retrospective

So you will never forget one of your meetings again.

OKR Dos and Don’ts

We all do things that we know we shouldn’t do. At OKR, we sometimes do different things because we don’t know what to do. To avoid this, the OKR Cheat Sheet provides an overview of the most common best practices and pitfalls, such as dealing with day-to-day or routine business, i.e. operational activities.

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OKR Cheat Sheet Bonus: The OKR Checklist

In addition to the OKR Cheat Sheet, you have the option of downloading an OKR Checklist here. This document will help you and your team to create optimal OKR sets.

The checklist is used exclusively for the optimal definition of objectives and key results, while the cheat sheet is about the OKR process and the big picture.

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OKR Checklist

OKR Seminar

OKR Seminar

OKR Cheat Sheet: Scope and target group

With the OKR Cheat Sheet and the OKR Checklist, you can prepare your managers and team members well for the basics of OKR or deepen them and successfully go through the OKR cycle.

You can use the OKR checklist to check, evaluate and optimize the OKR sets you have designed.

The PDFs will help you to implement OKR in practice and to further optimize the OKR method. The documents are equally suitable for employees and managers, such as team leaders, department heads, division heads, managing directors, C-level executives, managers – in short: for anyone who wants to know how to use and apply OKR effectively.

Why is the OKR Cheat Sheet so colorful?

We have designed the OKR Cheat Sheet so that the planning phase is red, the execution phase is orange and the completion phase is blue. This color scheme runs through the entire OKR Cheat Sheet. Themes that cannot be specifically assigned to one of the three phases have a different color: gray, blue, green or gold.

On the OKR Cheat Sheet you will find the QR code to download the OKR Sheet, as well as inspiring sayings and tips on our offers.

Can the OKR Cheat Sheet and the OKR Checklist be printed out?

We have designed the OKR Cheat Sheet and the OKR Checklist so that they can be printed on both color and black and white printers. You can also do your bit for the environment by using it digitally – on a laptop or tablet – rather than printing it out.

You are welcome to distribute the OKR Cheat Sheet and the OKR Checklist to all your employees – we look forward to using them throughout your company.

Does the OKR Cheat Sheet contain everything about OKR?

The OKR Cheat Sheet basically contains everything you need to know about OKR. What is missing are explanations. An OKR book is ideal for this.

Our book “30 Minutes OKR” is the ideal supplement to the OKR Cheat Sheet and the OKR Checklist if you are not yet familiar with the OKR method or want to look something up quickly.

Our book “More focus, motivation and success with OKR” takes this one step further – with best practices and various theoretical principles, among other things.

Alternatively, if you want to get an overview of OKR first, you can also download a free OKR e-book.

Further offers in addition to the OKR Cheat Sheet

In addition to the OKR Cheat Sheet, we have created a practical OKR template in various formats – for entering and publishing OKR sets.

OKR Checklist: Scope and application

With the OKR checklist, the teams in OKR Planning can check, evaluate and optimize the OKR sets they have designed.

Evaluation of objectives and key results – good objectives and good key results

The OKR checklist contains a list of the optimum properties – practical to tick off. If the objectives or key results meet the criteria, they are good objectives or good key results.

Good OKRs – bad OKRs

The OKR checklist also contains a list of criteria for an optimal OKR set. If the OKRs meet the criteria, they are good OKRs – otherwise they should be revised.

Mistakes to avoid

The OKR checklist is rounded off with a list of mistakes that you should definitely avoid.

Download the OKR checklist and the OKR cheat sheet from our OKR media library now.