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Mission statement definition workshop – creating an authentic and inspiring corporate mission statement

In our mission statement definition workshop, we work with you to create an authentic and inspiring corporate mission statement or organizational mission statement.

Your corporate mission statement or organizational mission statement should be up-to-date and authentic and updated as necessary to reflect changes in corporate strategy, the market, the industry, demographics or the zeitgeist.

A corporate mission statement or organizational mission statement can also be derived for business units, departments or teams, thus creating a mission statement for a business unit, department, team, product or service.

Development of purpose/purpose, vision, mission, values and guiding principles – in an exciting hands-on workshop format.

Via live video or in person

A corporate mission statement describes “the essence of an organization”

A mission statement formulates the desired identity of a company.

It serves as a starting point and target definition for the desired changes and, as a “corporate philosophy“, offers orientation for stormy times and certainty of action.

A corporate mission statement describes “The essence of an organization” and answers the following questions, among others:

  • The question of identity and goals: Who are we?
  • The question of market, customers and target groups: Who do we benefit?
  • The question of management principles and the type of cooperation: How do we want to work together?

Example mission statement workshop

Example mission statement workshop

The participants work on the following:

  • Value proposition and customer segments
  • SWOT analysis as a basis if necessary
  • Values: Core and Wish Values
  • Core purpose, leitmotif or motto
  • Strategic target BHAG®
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Guiding principles
  • Rollout plan for the measures to implement the guidelines

Create a corporate mission statement

Format: face-to-face workshop or remote workshop (Teams/Zoom/WebEx) or hybrid

Languages: German or English

Duration: 1 to 3 days

Prerequisites: none

Dates and price: on request

Example mission statement

Workshop Mission Statement Modules

Below are the workshop mission statement modules – customization to your needs is possible.

Part 1: Values workshop

  • As-is analysis
  • Development of core purpose / purpose
  • Development of values: Core & Wish Values
  • If necessary, develop a leitmotif / motto

Part 2: Workshop Vision

  • Workshop Vision Development
  • Development of the mission
  • Development BHAG® – big, hairy, audacious goal

Part 3: Workshop guidelines

  • Development of the guiding principles
  • approx. 12 guiding principles

Part 4: Employee Vision Workshop

  • Collection of ideas/measures to implement the guiding principles from all employees
  • Analysis, grouping, evaluation
  • Creation of a roadmap


You choose between:

  • a more playful, well-founded and authentic approach with exciting creativity techniques – or
  • focused development based on concrete suggestions and impulses

This essentially determines the duration of the workshops.

AI – Artificial intelligence as a complementary tool

If your company regulations permit the use of artificial intelligence systems, we use workshop modules in which we use OpenAI or ChatGPT for inspiration and formulation. We optimize the AI support with a custom GPT that is not published in the store.

Interested in a mission statement workshop? We are happy to help you

Annalena OKR Experts

Annalena Klippel

Model mission statement – what our customers have made of the jointly developed mission statements

Model mission statement: To illustrate how our customers present their corporate mission statement after our workshops:

Mission statement example #1: tutum, Nuremberg

tutum GmbH, based in Nuremberg, is one of the most successful German boutiques for document management and workflow systems. We spent 3 workshop days in Nuremberg outside the office, offsite at FICHT45: Core Purpose, Vision, Mission, Core Values, Guiding Principles and the slogan: “We digitalize the world of work”. tutum has published its corporate mission statement (Core Purpose, Vision, Mission, Core Values) at https://www.tutum.de/ueber-uns:

Mission statement example #2: SMP Germany, Bötzingen

SMP Deutschland GmbH, Bötzingen plant based in Bötzingen near Freiburg im Breisgau, a subsidiary of Motherson, is an automotive supplier. We held 3 workshop days in Bötzingen: Core Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values and Guiding Principles. SMP has published the corporate mission statement in a booklet – as a PDF and in printed form – which is sent to every employee. A video was also produced in which all managers present and explain the mission statement. In addition to running the workshops, we also managed the graphic design and video agencies. The result was also incorporated into the foreword and cover of the special edition of our OKR bestselling book“OKR in 30 minutes“.

Mission statement example

Mission statement example SMP Video

For copyright reasons, we cannot publish the video here.

Mission Statement Example Book Foreword

Example of mission statement #3: Berformance Group, Cham, Switzerland

Berformance Group AG, based in Cham, Switzerland, and 12 other locations worldwide, is a sales service provider for digital future technologies. We spent 2 workshop days working remotely with Miro-Board: Core Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values. Berformanc uses the corporate mission statement, in particular the vision and mission for the implementation of its offers and has published the core values on its website: https://berformance.com/unternehmen/group/.

Mission statement example Web

Example mission statement #4: Our mission statement – the mission statement of the OKR Experts®

Here is the OKR experts‘ mission statement.

Mission statement workshop

The mission statement is the basis for OKR planning – for the development of OKR sets, objectives and key results. The mission statement consists not only of the Vision and Mission – but also from the “Core Purpose” (Why do we exist? How do we want to contribute to solving problems in this world and how can we make a living from it? What is the purpose of the company) and the Core Values (Basic values with general principles of conduct, for example on leadership, cooperation and participation).

Many companies have a vision and/or mission – but this is often just a written statement that is not internalized, often hangs unnoticed in the foyer or is not really lived. More and more employees, especially Generation Y and Z, are asking about vision, mission and, in particular, purpose.

Many companies have existing values – or values and standards – are they still up to date and contemporary – and are they lived by employees and managers?

We support you in the development of a mission statement, a common mission statement that is valid for the entire company, irrespective of a possible introduction of the OKR method (Objectives and Key Results). A mission statement formulates the desired identity of a company and is set out in writing. It serves as a starting point and target definition for the desired changes and, as a corporate philosophy, offers orientation for turbulent times and security of action. A mission statement describes the essence of an organization and answers questions such as: Who are we? (The question of identity and goals), who do we benefit? (The question of market, customers, target groups) and how do we want to work together? (The question of management principles and the type of cooperation). Depending on the existing source material, the mission statement is created in one to three full-day workshops – we proceed in 8 tried-and-tested steps to create the corporate mission statement.

You can look forward to an exciting hands-on workshop.

Characteristics of a good mission statement

A good corporate mission statement serves as a compass for the entire organization and should have the following characteristics:

1. clarity and comprehensibility:

The mission statement should be clear, precise and easy to understand so that every employee can understand and interpret it.

2. inspiring and motivating:

It should be inspiring and motivate both employees and managers to identify with the company and its goals.

3. future-oriented:

A good mission statement should reflect the vision and long-term goals of the company.

4. unique and differentiating:

It should demonstrate the uniqueness of the company and its differentiation from the competition.

5. employee orientation:

The mission statement should also emphasize the role and importance of employees in the company.

6. customer orientation:

A good mission statement also focuses on customers and their needs and expectations.

7. social responsibility:

Companies and organizations should also consider their social role and responsibility in their mission statement.