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OKR Training – Training to become an OKR Coach / Master with OKR certification

Do you want OKR certification as an OKR Coach or Master? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Become a certified OKR Coach / Master or Process Owner – and accompany teams in the OKR process or introduce the OKR method in your company or take on the role of Process Owner for the OKR process in your company or organization.

Learn the OKR method with sound knowledge and best practices from our practical experience for immediate application in your company.

Are you looking for an OKR Coach / Master or OKR Consultant?

Are you looking for an OKR coach for OKR coaching – or an OKR consultant for OKR advice or OKR consulting?

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Training and OKR certification as OKR Coach / Master Advanced

Learn and experience the OKR method, principles and philosophy.

Attend our OKR seminar with a high practical component, for immediate use in practice. ‍

The seminar includes OKR certification as an OKR Coach or Master Advanced – for practicing the role of OKR Coach or Master.

Let us, the experienced OKR experts®, train you.

Get certified as an OKR Coach / Master now – for your professional success!

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OKR Certification

Training and OKR certification as OKR Coach / Master

Learn the OKR method in our OKR video course.

Complete the OKR Basic course and Advanced course as a video course – learn anywhere with your laptop, smartphone or tablet – in the office, at home or on the go.

Then book the OKR Coach / Master certification.

Let us, the experienced OKR experts®, train you.

Get certified as an OKR Coach / Master now – for your professional success!

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OKR Certification

Why you should definitely get certified – a head start through further training

OKR certificate

You are an employee

  • Professional development – expansion of the scope of responsibility and tasks
  • Higher career opportunities or professional advancement
  • Job retention
  • Salary increase
  • Better opportunities on the labor market

OKR certificate

You are a freelancer

  • Expansion of the competence portfolio
  • Better project opportunities
  • more interesting projects
  • Higher capacity utilization
  • higher hourly/daily rates
  • Inclusion in our OKR expert network

Other good reasons for certification:

  • more exciting activity
  • more variety
  • More enjoyment and fun at work
  • More meaningfulness and satisfaction
  • More significance, recognition and appreciation

How OKR certification works after training

OKR Certification

We will test your knowledge in a 30-minute colloquium. If you attend the OKR seminar, the colloquium will take place on the 3rd day of the OKR seminar. If you have completed our OKR video courses, we will do this via video call – booking is done online.

The material covers the content of the respective OKR training and its application. As preparation, we recommend that you practise creating OKR sets – top-level and for different specialist areas – objectives and associated key results that meet our criteria for optimal objectives, key results and OKR sets.

It is particularly important to us that you have internalized the philosophy behind OKR.

If you pass the colloquium, you will receive the official OKR Coach / Master certificate or the OKR Coach / Master Advanced certificate – in English for international use.

OKR Certification

Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel

Your examiner is the OKR expert and lecturer of the OKR video courses and many OKR seminars: Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel:

He is a visionary, thought leader and recognized expert in the areas of digitalization, strategy, OKR, digital transformation and innovation. Silicon Valley expert, multiple C-level executive, e.g. at ProSiebenSat.1, multiple startup founder, management consultant, international keynote speaker, bestselling author and university lecturer – as well as founder, managing director and managing partner of digitalwinners and OKR experts.

Benefit from our practical experience

The current times are characterized by rapid change. Many companies are losing focus on the essentials – and many employees are losing motivation and confidence. At the same time, this is vital for a company’s survival.

That is why we have a OKR Seminar to train employees to become OKR Coaches, Masters or OKR Process Owners and thus empower companies with the OKR method – Objectives and Key Results – and we have developed a Highly effective online training or video course to introduce the OKR method to companies of all sizes as quickly, smoothly and successfully as possible.

Thanks to OKR and the focus on the essentials, all managers and employees of a company are pulling in the same direction, working together optimally in teams and across departments. With OKR – Objectives and Key Results, the effectiveness and efficiency of employees is increased – because they know exactly what contribution they can make to the company. This increases motivation and commitment and creates confidence.

With the OKR target management and strategy implementation method, companies can be effectively and sustainably put on the road to success and the fast lane.

Book the OKR seminar or online training now and benefit from the OKR method, just like Google, LinkedIn and Zalando!

Interested? We are happy to help you

Give us a call – or arrange a free consultation. We have the right OKR Expert® for you!

Are you an OKR expert?

Are you interested in working with us as a freelancer or in a permanent position? Then send us your CV, your project portfolio, especially information about your OKR experience, as well as your LinkedIn link. Tell us why you want to be one of the OKR experts, what you find special about OKR and what you would improve about OKR.

We look forward to seeing you!

OKR Coach, Master, Trainer, Consultant or Expert

Not every expert who calls him/herself an expert is really an expert.

Our OKR experts undergo a selection, training and certification process. In this way, we ensure that the experts meet the professional, methodological and soft skills standards that you as a client can expect.

When it comes to soft skills, we attach great importance to the right mindset, empathic skills, good communication skills, a solid personality profile and emotional intelligence.

And when it comes to professional methodological expertise, we emphasize that this is not limited to OKR – most experts also have experience as Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters, as
systemic coach
– or in the areas of Kanban, Design Thinking, Google Design Sprint, Lean Startup,
Jobs to be Done
and much more.

OKR Coach / Master certificate: The path to expertise in modern goal setting and agile strategy implementation

Introduction: Become an OKR Coach / Master and transform your company

The OKR methodology has established itself as one of the most effective tools for aligning strategy and objectives in companies. Our OKR Coach / Master certification program provides you with the necessary knowledge and practical exercises to become an expert in this field.

Prerequisite: What you need to participate

The prerequisite for participation in our training course is a basic understanding of goal setting – ideally also in corporate management. It is helpful if you already have several years of experience in working with teams and planning projects – preferably agile projects(Scrum, Kanban).

Training: Practical relevance and theoretical knowledge – more than just the OKR method

Our training consists of a mixture of theoretical content and practical exercises. Not only will you gain a deep insight into the OKR method and its relationship to strategy, but you will also have the opportunity to apply what you have learned in real-life scenarios. The training takes place remotely via Microsoft Teams or in person at various locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is led by our OKR experts.

Exam: What to expect at the end

At the end of the course, participants have the opportunity to take an exam to obtain their OKR Coach / Master certificate. The exams are designed to test your understanding and ability to apply the OKR methodology in practice – therefore the exam will take the form of a colloquium.

Participants: Interactive communication and connection

Our seminar places great emphasis on communication between the participants. Following the training, we also offer the opportunity to ask further questions and exchange ideas with other experts.

Planning: Flexibility for participants – on-site and remote

In order to make participation possible for all interested parties, we offer various training dates and locations – also remotely. Individual training dates in the form of in-house seminars are also available on request.

Discount: Special offers for our customers

We offer special discounts for groups from the same company to make the training accessible to everyone. Students (self-payers), start-ups (seed phase, <30 employees) and NGOs also receive discounts.

Scrum and other methods: a broad spectrum of knowledge

In addition to the OKR method, we also show the integration with other agile frameworks such as Scrum to provide a comprehensive understanding of modern goal setting.

Best practices from practice: daily work and day-to-day operations, implementation of the strategy

You will learn many best practices at our seminars. OKR is primarily a strategy implementation method – but how is the day-to-day business handled?

Conclusion: Become a certified OKR Coach / Master and transform the way companies set and achieve their goals

Our OKR Coach / Master certification provides you with the tools and knowledge to effectively support companies in their strategy and goal setting. Take the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in this field and make a significant contribution to the future viability of your organization.

For further information and to take part, please send us an inquiry using the contact form. We look forward to accompanying you on your way to becoming an OKR Coach / Master!

Questions and answers

What is OKR certification?

OKR certification is a formalized certificate of your expertise in the OKR method (Objectives and Key Results). As part of an OKR Coach/Master training course, you will acquire in-depth knowledge and practical skills to successfully implement and manage the OKR method in different corporate contexts. The certification serves as proof of these qualifications and increases your credibility as an expert in the field of OKR.

Is the certification of OKR experts an official certification?

Due to its high level, the certification of OKR experts is recognized by companies and organizations as an official certificate. We issue the certificate in English so that it can be used internationally. There are different levels of certification – the Advanced Level indicates a more comprehensive knowledge and understanding.