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The OKR optimization workshop – OKR Health Check compact

OKR Quick Check Workshop

Getting more out of objectives and key results

With our OKR Quick Check Workshop, we review and optimize the use of OKR – Objectives and Key Results in your company – and take OKR to the next level.

The OKR Quick Check Workshop is the compact workshop version of our OKR Health Check offer. It can also be used as a kickoff workshop for our OKR Health Check program.

Via live video or in person

Get more out of the OKR method through optimization – inspect & adapt

You already use OKR – Objectives and Key Results – in your company.

In our OKR Quick Check workshop, we examine how you can further optimize the use of the OKR method and take your company to the next level in terms of OKR.

OKR Quick Check Workshop

OKR Quick Check Workshop

We check and optimize the following points in consultation with you:

  • Mission statement (core purpose, vision, values), BHAG®, strategy, annual planning …

  • OKR cycle, OKR publication (e.g. score, confidence level, 3P’s), skills of OKR coaches, masters and OKR process owners

  • Implementation of the OKR planning process: OKR sets, top-down, bottom-up, cross department/team, experimental OKR sets

  • Execution of meetings: Daily Huddles, OKR-Weeklys, OKR-Reviews, OKR-Retrospectives

  • Correct application of 10x or moonshot thinking and CFR – Conversations, Feedback, Recognition

  • Interaction with agile working methods, SCRUM and Kanban

  • Recognizing and resolving resistance, blockages and conflicts

  • Mindset, agility, leadership style and organizational form check from the OKR perspective

OKR Quick Check Workshop

Prerequisites: none

Format: face-to-face or video workshops or hybrid

Languages: German, English

Duration: 1/2, 1 or several days

Dates and price: on request

OKR Quick Check Workshop

We are the OKR experts and turn you into OKR experts.

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The OKR Optimization Workshop – OKR Quick Check Workshop

Sometimes OKR does not run optimally in the company. Perhaps the introduction was not ideal – perhaps resistance was not taken seriously enough or the method was not introduced consistently enough.

In some cases, a keynote speech is enough to breathe new life into OKR. Sometimes an experienced OKR expert on site can help. Both are measures that we are very happy to offer you.

As we are increasingly being asked by companies to help them take OKR to the next level, we have developed the “Quick Check Workshop” format. In consultation with you, we review the implementation and application of the OKR framework, the activities, events, meetings, artefacts, roles and skills – and in particular the extent to which the philosophy behind OKR has been implemented in your company. We examine the interaction with agile working methods such as SCRUM and Kanban – identify resistance, blockages and conflicts and support the resolution of these. On request, we can also carry out a complete mindset, agility, management style and organizational form check of your company from the OKR perspective.