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OKR Introduction

Through our numerous OKR implementation projects in companies of all sizes and industries over the last few years, we have built up a very broad spectrum of OKR offerings and an experienced team of experts for the optimal introduction of OKR in companies of all sizes and industries.

The introduction of OKR into a company can take place at any time – even during the year. The introduction can start at management level – in top management – or it can start in one department or in a pilot team and then be rolled out successively to the entire company – step by step.

We are a powerful team of real experts with practical experience. What makes us special: we are not “traditional” management consultants or trainers, but experts who were previously C-level executives and startup founders or entrepreneurs – and in some cases still are. As a customer, you benefit from this extensive experience. We offer OKR consulting, OKR coaching and OKR training from a single source.

As former startup founders and scale-up managers, we understand the needs of startups and scale-ups. As former C-level executives in corporate groups (including ProSiebeSat.1), we understand the needs of large companies and corporate groups. Thanks to our team of experts and our scalable offerings, we are optimally positioned for start-ups, scale-ups, large companies and corporations and can successively empower you as a “mountain guide” with OKR.

We are happy to support you in making OKR a complete success in your company.

Via live video or in person

We have the right implementation concept for every company size

Startups and
Small companies




Medium-sized companies

(up to 500 employees)


Large companies
and corporations


Our goal is your empowerment in OKR – as a contribution to your company’s success

Companies that have already benefited from our OKR experts

OKR Unternehmen Referenzen

OKR Unternehmen Referenzen

Das vielleicht umfassendste OKR Angebotsportfolio auf dem Markt

Individuell nach Ihrem aktuellen Bedarf starten – und flexibel ausbauen

OKR Angebote

Mehr ├╝ber das OKR Online-Training f├╝r Entscheider erfahren Mehr ├╝ber den OKR Vortrag erfahren Mehr ├╝ber die Beratung zur OKR Software Auswahl erfahren Mehr ├╝ber die Zertifizierung erfahren Zum OKR Buch Zum OKR Buch Mehr ├╝ber den OKR Quick Start Workshop erfahren Mehr ├╝ber den Moonshot / 10x Thinking Workshop erfahren Mehr ├╝ber den Leitbild Workshop erfahren Mehr ├╝ber den OKR Quick Check Workshop erfahren Mehr ├╝ber den Jahresplanungs-Workshop erfahren Zum OKR Online Training Basic Zum OKR Online Training Basic & Advanced Zu den 1/2/3-Tages OKR Seminar Workshops Mehr ├╝ber das OKR Coaching erfahren Zum OKR Template
Kostenloses Erstgespr├Ąch buchen

OKR Trainings & Schulungen

Wir, die OKR-Experten, schulen Sie gerne mit unseren modernen Training-Formaten:

  • Seminare in Pr├Ąsenz & Remote
  • Offene Schulungen & Inhouse-Seminare
  • Workshops & Video-Kurse
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The OKR introductory workshop

OKR Quick Start Workshop

Learning and experiencing the OKR method

We support you in introducing the OKR method – Objectives and Key Results – in your company. Participants learn and experience the OKR method and develop their first objectives and key results.

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OKR Coach

OKR coaches, masters, trainers, consultants and experts

Do you need an experienced OKR Coach, Master or OKR Process Owner for the introduction of OKR? Are you looking for an OKR trainer or an experienced OKR consultant? We have the right OKR expert for you – that’s why we’re called OKR Experts┬«!

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OKR Coach

OKR Books

We are the authors of two OKR books: “30 Minuten OKR – Objectives & Key Results” and “Mehr Fokus, Motivation und Erfolg mit OKR: Grundlagen und Best Practices”. A book or e-book gives you the ideal introduction to the world of OKR and allows you to deepen your knowledge.

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OKR Book

OKR Training

OKR online training

Book our OKR training for employees and managers – with confirmation of participation and certification on request – or our special online training for executives: decision-makers, managers, supervisory board members and investors.

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OKR Training

OKR seminars – in presence or remote

We train your employees and managers – with confirmation of participation and certification on request.

  • 1, 2 or 3 day seminar
  • On site at your company
  • at one of our training locations in D/A/CH
  • or remotely via video call
  • No “traditional” trainers
  • Real experts with practical experience
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OKR Seminar

OKR Workshops

OKR Lectures

Book our keynote speakers for your management or team event, all-hands, meeting or conference – for an inspiring and motivating talk on OKR. On site at your company, at your event – or via video streaming.

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OKR Workshops

Do you have any questions?

Which support and which format is best suited for the introduction of OKR in my company? Can the formats be adapted to my needs? Where can the workshops, seminars and lectures take place?

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OKR model

OKR introduction

72% of first OKR attempts fail – according to a study by an OKR tool provider. But where does this come from?

Even if OKR looks simple at first glance, the devil is in the detail. In some cases, companies are trying to introduce the system on their own, which we generally welcome if they have experts with practical experience in their own ranks.

If this is not the case, you can book one of our experienced OKR coaches, masters or OKR process owners – or one of our experienced OKR consultants. We have the right OKR expert(s) for you – that’s why we are called OKR Experts┬«!

Alternatively or as a supplement, you can train yourself or your managers and employees with OKR books – we have two books in our portfolio that we have written: “30 Minuten OKR – Objectives & Key Results” and “Mehr Fokus, Motivation und Erfolg mit OKR: Grundlagen und Best Practices”.

Or you can book our OKR training for employees and managers – with certification on request – or our special online training for executives: decision-makers, managers, supervisory board members and investors.

Or you can book one of our OKR seminars – as an open seminar or as in-house training.

When introducing a new method, do not underestimate the resistance in the change process, such as the desire of managers and employees to maintain the status quo. Fear of the new and unknown often plays a greater role than the desire for change (resistance to change). Leaving the comfort zone is often perceived as unpleasant and exhausting.

We have developed a highly effective 8-step implementation process to introduce OKR to companies of all sizes as quickly, smoothly and successfully as possible. This process has proven itself in practice many times over.

We are happy to support you with the introduction of OKR in your company – and to ensure that OKR is a complete success in your company.

Setting goals with OKR: from strategy with process and method to the goal

The OKR method helps companies to set clear goals via the strategy and thus target the vision. This approach makes the path to goal achievement transparent and lays the foundation for measurable success.

An in-depth look at OKRs: examples, benefits and practical tips

In recent years, we have introduced OKR at numerous companies. As a result, many companies and people have discovered the benefits of OKRs. Intel and Google, for example, originally used this method to achieve ambitious goals. The benefits of OKR are obvious, and this article provides practical tips on how to implement it.

Optimizing organization and work: How Google and other top companies work with goals and use OKRs to do so

Organizations use OKRs at all levels to coordinate and align their work and make it more efficient. Google is just one example of how OKRs can be used to optimize strategies, methods and processes.

Iterative, agile: step by step: the OKR cycle – 2 to 4 months, typically 3 months

The OKR cycle integrates seamlessly into agile frameworks such as Scrum. The steps are clearly defined and the Scrum Master or agile coach can work with the OKR Master to facilitate the path to achieving the goal.

OKR implementation in combination with the Scrum framework (or other agile methods such as Kanban)

The agile Scrum framework can be seamlessly integrated into the OKR cycle. The steps are clearly defined in both methods and frameworks. In this way, the OKR Master or OKR Coach can support the Product Owner and the team in collaboration with the Scrum Master or Agile Coach to facilitate the path to goal achievement. An agile framework such as Kanban can also be used.

The benefits of OKRs in the corporate culture

An important benefit of OKRs is the positive change in the corporate culture or a new corporate culture associated with it. This topic and the new approach are becoming increasingly important over time, particularly due to Generation Y and Generation Z.

Rollout strategies for OKRs in different departments: maximizing engagement and success

Transparency is key when rolling out the OKR method across different departments. Within the first few months or a quarter, employees and managers alike see the benefits for alignment and coordination.

Articles, content and studies that shed light on the benefits of OKRs

Numerous studies and articles emphasize the immense benefits of OKRs, especially in terms of understanding strategy, focus, alignment and coordination, collaboration, commitment, transparency, motivation, engagement and positive change in corporate culture. As a rule, these are precisely the pain points of a company or organization and are highly relevant for the future of a company or organization.