OKR Masterclass – take your OKR knowledge to the next level in one day

Learn and experience in our OKR Masterclass, our 1-day seminar workshop, how to create really good OKRs with a system, how to deal with OKR in terms of projects and day-to-day operations .

With group exercises for internalization and immediate application in your company.

Further training formats: OKR seminar for users & decision-makers (1 day), OKR coach/master seminar with certification (3 days), OKR seminar for managers (2 days) and OKR seminar for SAFe professionals (1 day).

We conduct the seminar as in-house training
in face-to-face form on your premises or in a seminar room near you – as well as remotely via live video or hybrid
in German as well as in English – also individualized.
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Via live video or in person

OKR Coaches / Masters / Experts of the following companies
we have already successfully trained in OKR

OKR Unternehmen Referenzen

OKR Unternehmen Referenzen

and various SMEs in German-speaking countries

Creating good OKRs with a system from experienced OKR experts – with lots of practical exercises and group work

Creating optimal OKR sets is not that easy – even if it seems simple at first glance. Creating optimal objectives is relatively easy – but creating optimal key results requires a lot of practice and, above all, the right tools.

We have developed a method for systematically creating good OKRs. The method can be learned by anyone who knows the basics of OKR. The seminar places particular emphasis on the practical practice of creating objectives and key results.

With the help of reference companies and concrete situations, you will formulate OKR sets together in small groups, which we will reflect on and further optimize in the large group.

If you do not yet know the basics of OKR, then visit our OKR video course before the OKR Masterclass.

The best part, the bonus session: Three months after the seminar workshop, all participants meet for a review to discuss the OKR sets, the experience gained and the results and thus gain experience for the next quarter.

Who is the OKR seminar aimed at?

The seminar is aimed at anyone who …

  • apply the OKR,
  • deal more intensively with OKR,
  • Introduce OKR in the company,
  • work or want to work as an OKR Coach, Master or Process Owner.

Our practical experience in introducing OKR in numerous companies makes the OKR Masterclass really special

Our seminar leaders are …

  • No “traditional” trainers and no “theorists”
  • but real experts with practical experience
  • Experts who have assisted numerous companies with the introduction of OKR
  • fit in imparting knowledge and active as external university lecturers, among other things
  • Authors of two OKR books from renowned publishers
  • Former C-level executives and startup founders or entrepreneurs

You benefit from this as a seminar participant.

OKR Seminar

The OKR Seminar is a hands-on workshop!

We have put together an exciting program for the OKR Masterclass Day

The seminar – a real hands-on workshop – focuses on practical exercises. The proportion of theory is kept as low as possible. The aim is to quickly and easily understand the optimal creation of OKR sets – to intensively practice the creation of OKR sets using reference companies and thus to internalize the philosophy behind OKR. The seminar participants present their OKR sets – the seminar leader gives feedback and answers comprehension questions. Pure learning!


  • Welcome by the seminar leader
  • Introduction of the seminar leader
  • Brief introduction of the participants

Best practice: Creating good OKR sets

  • What characterizes optimal objectives
  • What characterizes optimal key results

Group exercise #1

  • Creation of OKR sets based on reference companies
  • Presentation by the participants and feedback from the seminar leader

Best practice: Optimizing the creation of OKR sets

  • OKR and operational activities and day-to-day business
  • How OKRs are created for projects lasting several months or years
  • How the creation of concepts, research, … is dealt with

Group exercise #2

  • Optimization of the OKR sets from group exercise #1
  • Presentation by the participants and feedback from the seminar leader

Best practice: Creating OKR sets with a system

  • Creation of OKR sets with a system
  • Top-down and bottom-up application

Group exercise #3

  • Optimization of the OKR sets from group exercise #2
  • Presentation by the participants and feedback from the seminar leader

Further best practices

  • Moonshot and 10X Thinking
  • OKR and bonus

Bonus session: Three months after the seminar workshop

  • Three months after the seminar workshop, all participants meet for a review
  • Discussion of the OKR sets, the experience gained and the results
  • Gaining experience for the next quarter

Comprehensive seminar documents and practical templates:

Seminar participants receive detailed seminar documents and practical templates.

Confirmation of participation:

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

If you wish, you can obtain the coveted, recognized and official “OKR Coach / Master Advanced” certificate – more information here.

Our certificates have no expiration date.

Seminar leaders – real OKR experts and bestselling authors:

The seminar leaders are the authors of various books from renowned publishers.

Best Seller

On the one hand, the seminar leaders are the authors of the compact guidebook and bestseller“30 Minuten OKR – Objectives & Key Results”, published by GABAL Verlag.

30 minutes OKR

Seminar leaders – authors of one of the most comprehensive works on OKR:

The seminar leaders are also the authors of the comprehensive book“Mehr Fokus, Motivation und Erfolg mit OKR: Grundlagen und Best Practices“, published by Wiley-VCH Verlag.

OKR Seminar Book

After the OKR seminar you will be able to …

  • apply the OKR method in practice in order to implement your company’s vision and strategy in an agile way.
  • … to create optimal qualitative goals (objectives) and quantitatively measurable key results (key results).
  • … as a manager to apply a modern target management method that is ideally suited to today’s VUCA world.
  • … to increase motivation and commitment in your team through clear focus, coordination and commitment.

Requirements for participation

A prerequisite for participation in OKR Day is knowledge of the basics of OKR – if you do not know them yet, visit our OKR video course or read our OKR book before OKR Day. Alternatively, you can attend our 3-day OKR seminar.

Otherwise, no special knowledge is required. OKR is a framework that can be used in any industry and in companies of any size.

Of course, the seminar is about learning the method for creating optimal OKRs. It is equally important for us to internalize the philosophy behind OKR. And this can only be achieved by experiencing the method and applying it in practice. This is precisely the concept and aim of our OKR Masterclass.

Seminar dates

For companies:

Payment by invoice or request a quote:

Invoice or quote request

In-house, German or English

OKR Master-Class – Inhouse

Duration: 1 day, 9:30 to 17:30
Location: On site, live video or hybrid

What participants say about our OKR training courses

There are many good reasons for the OKR experts’ seminars

Genuine practical relevance

Our seminar leaders have led a large number of OKR implementation projects themselves, led/accompanied numerous OKR meetings – and have years of experience in change management, agile team transformation, introduction of mission statements and much more. – and as an entrepreneur, start-up founder and C-level executive.

Hands-on seminar

Participation is required in our seminars – not only when learning the method, but also in a variety of group work. If you just want to sit back and consume, then visit our OKR video course.

Helpful documents

You will receive detailed seminar documents and practical templates.

Professionals in knowledge transfer

Our seminar leaders have a didactic background and work as external university lecturers in adult further education.

Support after the seminar

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have after the seminar – also for coaching and advice.

OKR-Expert:innen Network

Become a certified OKR Process Owner and join our network of OKR experts.

Questions? We are happy to help you

Give us a call – or arrange a free consultation. We will be happy to help you!

Your trainers for this seminar

Real experts with practical experience,
Consultant and entrepreneur

Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel

Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel

Visionary, thought leader and recognized expert in the fields of digitalization, strategy, digital transformation and innovation.

Silicon Valley expert, multiple C-level executive, e.g. at ProSiebenSat.1, multiple startup founder, management consultant, international keynote speaker, author and university lecturer. He is the founder, managing director and managing partner of DigitalWinners.

We look forward to your visit to the OKR seminar and hope you enjoy immersing yourself in the world of OKR.

OKR seminars – held by experts with practical experience

Not every trainer is really an expert. Our trainers are not “traditional” trainers, but real experts with practical experience who were – and in some cases still are – entrepreneurs, C-level executives or startup founders. As a seminar participant, you will benefit from this extensive practical experience.