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Annual planning workshop

Your annual planning for your OKR planning

We support you in developing your annual plan with our tried-and-tested workshop.

Via live video or in person

Planning the year – and staying agile.

We use the strategy to derive the annual planning and the associated strategic initiatives. These are prioritized and divided into four quarters.

Annual planning workshop

Annual planning workshop

Participants learn and experience the following:

  • Development of strategic initiatives – if necessary, development, revision or review of the strategy
  • Prioritization of strategic measures based on various criteria
  • Development of the annual plan

Annual planning workshop

Prerequisites: none

Format: face-to-face or video workshop or hybrid

Languages: German, English

Duration: 1/2 or 1 day

Dates and price: on request

Annual planning workshop

We are the OKR experts and turn you into OKR experts.

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Annual planning workshop

Is an annual plan still appropriate in today’s rapidly changing times? The lockdown in March 2020 associated with the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic and the second wave in October 2020 disrupted many annual plans. Does this mean that annual planning is superfluous?

Not quite. Annual planning still makes sense – however, sudden “black swans must also be taken into account during the year through appropriate agility. Annual planning helps to ensure continuity towards the vision and gives employees stability, security and confidence. This should not be formulated in detail at task level, but at strategic level and should set priorities in the upcoming 4 quarters – so-called strategic initiatives.

Many companies and teams find it difficult to prioritize. In the workshop, we work with you to develop the strategy (if not already in place) and revise or review it together with you.

We prioritize the strategic measures based on various criteria that are suitable for your company and draw up the annual plan or the plan for the next four quarters.

You can look forward to an exciting hands-on workshop.