We are the OKR experts® and much more!

We have Many years of experience in the Introduction of the OKR method – Objectives and Key Results in companies or organizations of any size – as well as in the Advice and Coaching of companies and organizations in OKR (Optimization of the application, Next Level), in the change management, digital transformation and agile team transformation, as well as in the development of corporate strategies and corporate mission statements.
corporate mission statements
Purpose, vision, mission and values.

Entrepreneurs advise companies. From practice for practice.

OKR Consultant Team - OKR Expert Team

OKR Consultant Team - OKR Expert Team

We are not “traditional” management consultants or trainers – but real experts with practical experience. Our experts used to be C-level executives and startup founders or entrepreneurs – and some of them still are today.


Our purpose is to enable organizations to transform their vision into tangible and meaningful goals in order to achieve them effectively and efficiently.

Our motivation and intention is to positively influence the way people work and grow in organizations and ultimately help them maximize their contribution to society.

Our complete mission statement.

Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel

Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel has been a visionary, thought leader and recognized expert in the fields of digitalization, strategy, OKR, business transformation and innovation for more than two decades.

Through his active work stays in Silicon Valley, he has managed to successfully introduce new methods and approaches as well as a digital mindset to European companies. With his interdisciplinary knowledge mix of business, product and technology – as well as strategy, digital transformation, innovation, agile team organization and digital leadership – he has changed the way companies think and act in a sustainable and forward-looking way – as a C-level executive (e.g. at ProSiebenSat.1), multiple startup founder, management consultant and business coach.

He is a management consultant, keynote speaker(Speakers Excellence: Top 100 Entrepreneurs), university lecturer(Fresenius University of Applied Sciences) and bestselling author. Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel is the founder, Managing Director and Managing Partner of DigitalWinners and founder of the “OKR Experten®” brand.

Erno Marius Obogeanu-Hempel

Annalena Klippel is the right hand and left brain of our team of consultants. She will provide you with all the important information on consultations, seminars, workshops, lectures and much more.

Martin J. Graf is a Senior Consultant at DigitalWinners and our representative in Switzerland.

As a recognized expert in the management and development of industrial companies with many years of international experience and sound, up-to-date specialist knowledge, he supports companies, management teams and individuals in shaping and managing corporate change. Thanks to his many roles as an entrepreneur, management consultant, C-level executive, board member and interim manager, he is familiar with all facets of entrepreneurial activity and is also available to his clients as a coach and sparring partner.

The thematic focus of its activities is, on the one hand, the development of lean and robust strategies incl. the methodically correct implementation of coherent measures with OKR (Objectives and Key Results) and, on the other hand, the planning and implementation of holistic corporate transformations. He has many years of experience in the automotive, optics/electronics and electrical/mechanical engineering industries.

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Martin Graf

Gerald Draht

Gerald Draht is Senior Consultant at DigitalWinners.

With over 20 years of practical experience as a trainer, moderator, management consultant, business / agile / OKR coach, project manager and HR executive, he supports companies in their cultural transformation in the digital age. In his role as a consultant and key account manager, he has worked internationally in a variety of industries, including automotive, banking, insurance, energy, steel, engineering and telecommunications. With his experience as an international management consultant and long-standing executive, he is able to understand and shape transformation processes from an experienced internal and external perspective. He also specializes in measuring strategy implementation and cultural transformation. This enables him to make rather “soft” topics transparent and manageable at management level. In addition to his work at digitalwinners, he is Senior Manager Change & Transformation in a large, medium-sized company as well as a member of the Agile Core Team of its parent company and brings this experience to his work at digitalwinners and with clients.

Gerald Draht

Laura Huber is a Senior Consultant at DigitalWinners.

Laura Huber is M. Sc. Psychologist and as a cognitive behavioral therapist (i.A.), systemic coach and process facilitator (DCV-certified training), certified OKR consultant and trainer at digitalwinners as well as agile consultant for companies. She works with individuals and teams to identify what matters most to them and the organization they work for, and what transformational changes are needed to live up to those values, maximize their potential and move closer to their ideal selves. As a recognized coach and consultant, she has years of experience as a catalyst for leaders who want to improve their performance and that of their team and make a difference in their lives and in the organizations they serve. With a wealth of experience and knowledge in both clinical as well as occupational and organizational psychology, she combines and uses the expertise from both areas: In the course of her corporate consulting work, she accompanies and navigates projects in change management, management and organizational development. Her sound training in talk therapy and specialization in mediation enable her to provide support in a professional, motivating and sensitive manner. Her approach emphasizes systemic thinking and evidence-based practices based on the latest findings in neuroscience, psychology and coaching.

Laura Huber

Axel Kellermann

Axel Kellermann is Senior Consultant at DigitalWinners.

He has been supporting companies in all aspects of change since 2010. He has successfully completed a large number of projects, often at C-level, for medium-sized, family-run companies and multinational corporations from a wide range of industries. Whether business transformation, restructuring, post-merger integration, change or international program management, the focus was always on the management of complex change initiatives and strategic optimization.

His international corporate career with a global player in the oil industry enabled him to gain a wide range of experience in leading multicultural teams. The management of large consulting teams, familiarity with all operational and strategic aspects of personnel management and several years of sales management in the B2B business with full P&L responsibility round off his wealth of experience. He has gained intercultural experience in projects in the UK, USA, India, Austria and Israel.

Axel Kellermann

Markus Thoene is Senior Consultant at DigitalWinners.

As a recognized expert in transformation and change as well as leadership development and support, he has built up his own set of methods. He is a Certified OKR Coach and Master Advanced Level, Change Consultant (DVBC/ICF), Certified Hogan Senior Advisor and Systemic Business Coach.


Markus Thoene

Jens Koenen

Jens Koenen is Senior Consultant at DigitalWinners.

A particular focus of his expertise lies in the area of strategic value development. Corporate culture is a key success factor – especially in times when services and products are highly interchangeable. Since 2019, he has also been working as a Culture Transformation Consultant and part of the international Barrett Value Center. Thinking ahead and using creative resources for innovative solutions is his great passion. Among other things, he is a certified OKR Coach and Master.


Jens Koenen

Andreas Becker is Senior Consultant at DigitalWinners.

Our consultant Andreas Becker is an accomplished speaker and keynote speaker who specializes in inspiring audiences with his experience, energy and enthusiasm for agile cultural change. His presentations are rich in impressive practical examples from his work as an entrepreneur and sparring partner.

Since 2011, he has focused as a sparring partner on skills development around Flight Levels, OKR and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). He supports his clients in times of change, helps to establish a culture of agile working and to scale processes in line with the Agile Manifesto.

As a trainer for managers and teams, he offers training courses aimed at teaching those involved the necessary methods and practical techniques to successfully master agile working in dynamic environments. His training camps are designed to break down old structures and turn those carrying out the work into active shapers of change who are well trained and can therefore actively drive change forward.

His public speaking skills, deep understanding of agile practices and ability to coach effectively at both the organizational and team level make him a valuable member of any agile transformation process.

Andreas Becker

André Ullmann

André Ullmann is Senior Consultant at DigitalWinners.

With more than a decade of experience in agile software development, our consultant has demonstrated an impressive blend of passion and expertise. His work goes beyond professional duties by training and motivating teams to work with frameworks and methods such as Scrum and Kanban.

Over the past ten years, he has successfully demonstrated his skills as a Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Coach in both small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies. He has extensive experience with various concepts and methods, including Kaizen, LeSS, SAFe, DevOps, BDD, TDD, CI and CD – as well as OKR.

As a sparring partner and coach for agile transformations, he brings valuable experience and insights to the table. He is also qualified and ready to take on the role of Scrum Master or Product Owner.

Our consultant is also an advocate of digital nomadism and the “no-desk” working style and is available for remote working opportunities around the world. He represents flexibility, experience and commitment in the field of agility.

André Ullmann

Markus Kaffke is Senior Consultant at DigitalWinners.

Markus Kaffke is an (Enterprise) Agile Coach and certified OKR Process Owner. As an agile coach, he accompanies and supports individuals, teams and organizations on their journey from classically managed to more agile working. He also takes on interim roles and positions in order to have a lasting impact on the (future) agile system from within. Alternatively, Markus is also happy to provide added value as a sparring partner, coach and/or mentor through his independent, neutral perspective. With over 20 years of practical experience in various management positions in international corporations, he has the necessary skills and holistic thinking to create a common understanding across departments and hierarchies. With his broad industry expertise in automotive, biotech, IOT, and eCommerce, Markus has repeatedly proven his ability to immerse himself in a wide variety of topics and company forms within a very short time and to understand the DNA. Markus is an advocate of lifelong learning and lives this attitude himself in a variety of continuous training courses. This enables him to use his empathy and knowledge to show customers possible solutions to a wide range of issues.
His particular focus is on efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and alignment. Communication is key! Markus Kaffke: Trustworthy, hands-on, goal-oriented, focused and appreciative.

Markus Kaffke

Birgit Freese

Birgit Freese is a Senior Consultant at DigitalWinners.

Birgit Freese has been working as a Transformation Consultant and Certified Executive & Team Coach (PCC/ICF) for over 20 years. She is an OKR Senior Expert, certified Hogan Senior & LUXX Senior Advisor. Birgit Freese works as a consultant, coach and mentor and brings with her more than 20 years of practical experience in various countries and executive management positions in finance, software development and HR in corporations and medium-sized companies extensive change and merger experience. Birgit has broad industry expertise, particularly in IT, software, media, FMCG, chemicals and metals. This enables you to create a common understanding across interest groups and achieve the set goals.

She accompanies and supports individuals, teams and organizations in the development and achievement of their strategic and operational goals based on their motivations and values, the improvement of team performance and cultural development.

She is a passionate regatta sailor and lives lifelong development by continuously participating in international formats & continuous training to integrate new, evidence-based and also AI-supported techniques into her work. This always results in new and varied impulses that flow into the creative work with customers and show new possible paths.

Birgit Freese

We are the OKR experts and will turn you into OKR experts!

We support start-ups, SMEs and corporations holistically and sustainably in the introduction of OKR and in the optimization of OKR.

We support you in consistently pursuing your corporate goals and strategy, developing a strategy tailored to your company and increasing the motivation and commitment of your employees. We support you at all levels: from corporate culture and digital mindset to team organization, processes, methods and IT/technology.

OKR Consultant Team - OKR Expert Team

OKR Consultant Team - OKR Expert Team

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