OKR Training – Advanced course

The top-rated OKR advanced course for the optimal application of the OKR method – Objectives and Key Results.

A must for anyone who wants to take a closer look at OKR or introduce OKR in their company – whether as an employee, manager or future OKR Coach, Master or OKR Process Owner®.

The ideal supplement to the basic course.

Learn the OKR method now – quickly and easily

  • 12 videos
  • 40 minutes of video lessons – in total
  • approx. 40 pages of workbook PDFs with slides, illustrations, diagrams, practical examples, templates.
  • Summary of key learnings and online tests at the end of many lessons to review and consolidate what has been learned.
  • Processing time between 40 minutes and 1.5 hours – depending on the quiz and post-processing

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149 €
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You will learn all this in 40 minutes of online training

Intro (Video: 00:32)

Optimal objectives (Video: 01:39)

Optimal key results (Video: 01:13)

Optimal OKR sets (Video: 01:04)

Mistakes to avoid (Video: 02:40)

Mission statement, core purpose, vision, BHAG and mission (Video: 05:40)

Our mission statement method (Video: 07:57)

Moonshots, roofshots and skyscraper shots (Video: 04:16)

OKR templates, tools and software (Video: 03:18)

OKR vs. KPI (Video: 04:56)

Dealing with resistance and blockages (Video: 05:20)

Summary and outlook (Video: 01:38)

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What you will learn:

  • how you can make optimum use of the ingenious goal management method
  • how to create optimal objectives, key results and OKR sets
  • how to avoid mistakes – when creating objectives, key results and OKR sets
  • what a mission statement is – and how to get to the top-level OKR sets
  • How to use Moonshot Thinking correctly
  • what the difference is between OKR and KPI
  • how to deal with resistance and blockages when introducing the OKR

The requirements:

  • You have completed the basic course
  • want to achieve even more?
  • Do you want to use OKR optimally?
  • Curious to find out more?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

The current times are characterized by rapid change. Many companies are losing focus on the essentials – and many employees are losing motivation and confidence. At the same time, this is vital for a company’s survival.

That is why we have developed a highly effective online training course to introduce the OKR method – Objectives and Key Results – to companies of all sizes as quickly, smoothly and successfully as possible.

Thanks to OKR and the resulting focus on the essentials, all managers and employees in a company are pulling in the same direction and working together optimally in teams and across departments. With OKR – Objectives and Key Results, the effectiveness and efficiency of employees is increased – because they know exactly what contribution they can make to the company. This increases motivation and commitment and creates confidence.

With the OKR target management and strategy implementation method, companies can be effectively and sustainably put on the road to success and the fast lane.

Book the online training now and benefit from the OKR method, just like Google, LinkedIn and Zalando!