The OKR-Experts® mission statement


Our guiding principle or motto is:

Entrepreneurs advise companies. From practice for practice.


Our purpose is to enable organizations to transform their vision into tangible and meaningful goals in order to achieve them effectively and efficiently.

Our motivation and intention is to positively influence the way people work and grow in organizations, and ultimately to help them maximize their contribution to society.


Our vision is to actively shape a world in which people and organizations can reach their maximum potential to achieve sustainable success.

In today’s dynamic VUCA world, we accompany organizations on their way to realizing their visions.

We rely on the transformative power of OKR (Objectives and Key Results) to inspire and motivate people and lead them on the path to joint success.


Our mission is to help organizations achieve sustainable success through greater focus, collaboration, commitment and motivation.

We help them to set and implement their goals in a clear and meaningful way by communicating and implementing OKR (Objectives and Key Results) as a powerful agile management tool.

We offer customized consulting, training, workshops and tools to help organizations identify their strategic and operational priorities, set measurable goals and continuously track progress. This enables data-based decision-making to ensure that activities have the desired effect.

With our expertise and experience, we promote a culture of collaboration, transparency and agility in the organizations we support.

We understand the individual needs of our customers and support them in successfully realizing their OKR implementation.


Loyalty & Integrity

Competence & fairness

Team spirit & openness

Transparency & flexibility


We see OKR not just as an isolated method, but as a transformative force that has the potential to change organizations at all levels. OKR enables a clear focus on the mission statement and strategy by providing a clear structure for defining and pursuing objectives. OKR has a profound impact on people, culture and mindset by promoting transparency, strengthening collaboration and creating an environment in which each individual can see their contribution to the overall success. OKR supports the transformation of the organization towards more agility, adaptability and resilience – and supports the organizational transformation towards more effective and efficient forms of organization. We integrate OKR seamlessly with other methods such as Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, Lean and Design Thinking to promote a holistic and effective way of working. OKR plays a crucial role in further digitization, automation, scaling and the use of AI by helping to set clear goals for these initiatives and measure their progress. Overall, we see OKR as a catalyst for a holistic, comprehensive and sustainably successful transformation.


We are tried-and-tested experts with extensive professional and life experience. We are not theoretical consultants or purely academic trainers. We are experienced professionals who know the challenges and needs of our customers from our own experience. As former C-level executives, startup founders and entrepreneurs, we understand the situation of our clients very well. We are not “traditional” management consultants, but see ourselves as partners who work on an equal footing with our clients. We bring not only our expertise in OKR, but also other methodological skills as well as our entrepreneurial experience and understanding of the challenges companies face in today’s fast-paced and complex business world. With empathy and commitment, we work closely with our clients to develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs and objectives.


We firmly believe that methods should serve people and organizations and not the other way around. We therefore attach great importance to adapting the OKR method to the specific needs and circumstances of each organization we work with. We understand that every organization is unique – in its culture, its structure, its goals and its challenges. Our approach is therefore to modify and implement the OKR method in such a way that it fits the context of the respective organization and brings the greatest possible benefit. At the same time, we are aware of the fact that adapting the method too much can impair its effectiveness. We are therefore careful to ensure that the adjustments we make do not undermine the core principles and transformative power of OKR. Our goal is to find a balance between adapting the method to the organization and maintaining its full effectiveness. In this way, we ensure that the organizations we work with can exploit the full potential of OKR.


Based on the principles of the Agile Manifesto, in particular the first principle: “Individuals and interactions are more important than processes and tools”, we ensure a sustainable implementation of OKR that focuses on people, especially teams, rather than tools. We focus first on what really counts: A solid skillset and a clear mindset – only then on the toolset. Our OKR methods training courses are independent of OKR tools and software solutions. We start with the simplest possible means, such as OKR Excel templates or existing tools, such as JIRA, to increase acceptance and minimize resistance. Once your teams have learned and internalized the OKR method, we will help you select the perfect toolset. As neutral and independent consultants, our sole focus is to help you find the right software that best meets the specific needs and requirements of your organization. And if you have already selected or are using OKR software, we will help you to configure and set it up so that the tool fits your organization and you can use OKR optimally.

This is what we, the OKR Experts®, stand for

OKR Consultant Team - OKR Expert Team

OKR Consultant Team - OKR Expert Team

Mission statement creation workshop

We, the OKR experts, are happy to support you in creating your corporate mission statement:

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  • Purpose, vision, mission & values
  • Authentic, clear & inspiring
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